Ask chibi ben 28 by l4dpip squeak-d609mu5

Hopefully you read all these rules and pay close attention. I know these rules will help you prevent bans, kicks, warnings, and even infinite bans. It might even help you mod or adminship, but also need a lot of edits too!

  • Never backsass an admin or chat mod in chat or other places in this wikia, they have every right on trying to keep you on track and in controll.
  • Don't be a grammar nazi, nobody likes those. Not even me!!
  • Only upload pics and stories about BEN and his members such as the HMS, Moon Children, Jadusable, ect. If you're new find some pages I've uploaded on them!!
  • Never EVER say a certain story is fake!! It makes others mad... like me.
  • Don't be selfish, help others!!
  • Don't EVER say BEN and his crew and even the stories are gay, don't call em' names. Or you WILL be caught.
  • Don't make fun of others on this navigation.
  • Have fun!
  • Don't be a slacker.
  • Leave a message on my talk page on you joining, and sign your name!!! BEN (talk) 01:51, October 30, 2013 (UTC)IM STILL ALIVE
  • Be honest.
  • Don't threaten others.
  • No asking others personal info unless they want you to, if so..PM them in chat. NEVER ask them on a talk page!!
  • No telling anyone to get lost and never come back, don't make them feel unwelcome, ect. If a victom of it, please screen cap it and send it to a mod, admin, or me.
  • Don't cause drama, if anything goes wrong, put it on your blog post telling us what happened and telling if you'll be back in a while and for how long. If it has ANYTHING to do with a user in chat or other places on THIS wikia, screen cap it. Don't blame em'.

I hope these make sense to you and I really want you to follow these rules!!! I hope this leads you to an evil path of darkness and join us. This might lead you to mod or adminship someday!!!

This is wiki shall NOT be copied, if done. I'll tell the staff about it.

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