There's a bit of a story behind what's happening and why. I'll tell you ONLY if you decide to help fight what's happening. You see, there's a bunch of people coming to this wiki's chat and they have all of my information and they know my name. They attack at random times and for a while actually. They want to kill me and they want to fight to the death someday and we need your help to scare them off. It really is up to you. The amount of them is unknown and the ones that are known of so far are SkyFall77, It's In Your Bloodstream. A Collision Of Atoms., Jareck*sss, Jareck.Smith (who is a suspect), XxDawnShadowsxX (she claims to warn me about things, but, we're not too sure if she can be trusted), HackRUS47189039485, HornySlut334, SpammrsRUs, HeyMrDJ is a suspect, Iggy Iggy 2 Biggy, Nicole? U there?, NIKKI MINAJ. BIIIITCH and Leapord. I'll edit if we find more.

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