BEN was a child that liked playing the majoras mask game. his mother and father died from blood lost. he wanted to past the game in 100% but one day close to the end of the game ben felt sad and lonely and lost. he wanted friends so he stoped the game and walked outside. no one seemed to like him they thretened him like a zelda dork! one day he was mad at everyone he wanted to take his revenge. so he started to beacome a psycho pathe kiling everyone he saw when he was at halloween he started to discise himself has link and he started drowning people and burning them then one day he fond that he was loosing blood too but beafor dieng he wanted to kill one last girl and it was nicol but he was trieng to kill the wrong person he tried strangeling her nicol got her knife off and cuted his eyes out then she drowned him the next day the police fond ben's body on the water they fond where he lived but ben's majoras mask game was never fond.

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