here is the story of jack he was born on november 24 01 he lived in usa he was adopted by healthy parents sometimes he poled pranks on his brother. but he got bulied alot at scole he started to beacome angry and started to know how to use wepons. thats when he smiled and thought " what about using the weapons on people" so the next day he was hiding a kitchen knife and was watching his family to hear and see theyre woprst knigtmere. his mothers knightmere was spiders. his brothers knightmeres was bulies. and his fathers knigtmeres was car axidents. his first victim was her mom. he both a bunche of spiders the next night he pored the cage of spiders on her mom and cuted her! next was his brother he came close to him and punched him and said " ive heard that you hated bulies" then he cuted his heart open and hid his body. the next one was his father but when he was forcing his father in his car his father kacked and punched him. then he caled the police. the police ceuth him to a mentel prison for life. jack thought " my father will pay " then the police told that he got out of prison by cuting the bars and today hes still living outside the bars and kiling more people thretening them like children beacos of his father

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