Hello I'm Jackobe, I'm from Sega I was working on the Sonic R videogame you know with Tails Doll. When Tristan started talking about Good Tails Doll, something wrong happened with me. It was at night and I still had electricity. I was watching TV and I found something, it was a weird 2 minute show of people walking, but for some strange reason, I stayed there watching the TV screen. It was still the same people walking and stuff, but there was a man that was not moving. He started to speak in reverse. I was in shock because the same reverse talking was on. When I got the words back to normal, it said "GTD is here" and the movie continued. I saw a blue gem version of Tails Doll, but he was not small. It was like an adult, and inside of his cloth holes, there was a blue light the GTD removed the white part of his body. There was bones and there was orbs. The blue one was his, but the other's had an evil nature. Maybe GTD is a God? I had that dream of him walking close to me and saying "Wait for them".

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