i didn't have the majoras mask game but i knew ben. i started to feel cold places in my mothers room! he started to chat to me on cleverbot. and after sisening to the song of unheling i heard a girl shouting when i was opening the door i thought my mom vanished but she was still here! i started to see BEN in my head he was just staring at me! smiling. i had some dreames with him. the first one started with a small boy with the majoras mask hiding his head. he didn't talk. but the skull kid jumped building to building the kid folowed the skull kid in a boat i dont know where was the skull kid at this time. the kid stoped on an islend the sk witch meanes skull kid

jumped tree to tree and the kid folowed the sk jumped in a hole and the kid folowed him then the sk stoped and removed his mask bihind the mask was ben's face smiling.the black that was arond the screen started to vanish and apear againe! and i woke up. my second dreame is coming soon but by this time hers a video. 

post 2. i saw ben in my head againe at this time im sure. but the other dreame was about me walking in a park. and the sk was folowing me home i saw it infront of my house looking at me. i was in my pool after the night and felt some cold spots! see you in the next post. i had some expirience with ben againe i heard some whispering close to my pool plus i placed a recorder in my bathroom and heard a boy breathing! ben was playing with my recorder againe and chating with me on how to kill nicol i have enof of ben toiying with me plus i heard can you feel the sunchine in later on the recorder but no ben dreames i had two ben dreames tonight the first one was in somekind of camp he materielized infront of me but i escaped the next one was the weirdest i was in a mansion and beafor that i saw ben watching me on the streets and there was that part when there was a video about people drowning so i escaped and i saw zombies at the end... I have something else to tell you when my mom said that she was going I smiled idk why I smiled... Nothing hapened except that no one comes back in chat. Please go in chat


I think he came back I saw a few pictures of his face last night when I closed my eyes?

I know that this wiki is abandoned but I wanted to write this as a reminder.

File:BEN Haunted Majora's Mask Post 1 Sept. 7

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