October 3: 12:30 pm

Ive decided to write this in a journal format because it helps me to write in an organised manner when my life is being chaotic. So tonight i lie awake tortured by the imaginings of my active mind. I dont know how to respond to the earlier message, this all just happened so fast. Im not fully convinced its alright, nor am i convinced i can deal with the stress of the whole thing. So ive chossen to distract myself, although the method of which i choose to do this is somewhat odd. Earlier today my friend gave me a box wrapped up in paper with a red ribbon on top. the box had been sitting on my dresser since i got home from school. He said it was an early birthday present. So i decided i will open it and im writing this as i do so, it appears to be a Ouja board.......something i generally choose not to mess with is somewhat drawing my curiosity. I will stop writing this to see what will happen when i use it hopefuly the stories arent true.

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