Today is October first, And i have recieved a distrurbing message. For how true this message is i cannot tell, but i know it is not of good plan or intention so it is with great caution i am writing this so that people may be aware. the current status on this whole thing. This wiki was designed for a reason to promote awareness or whatever is not the problem, the problem is a disturbing email i recived from an unknown source. the email is as follows.

Oct 1, 2:00am

Your not alone. We are everywhere. You cannot hide because we walk among you. This is a warning shot, if you or anybody you know even attempts to trace or reroute this message we will find you and kill you. I hope we make that clear you are in violation of the church. the brotherhood wants to kill some of your friends and it is your job to deliver them on the night of your birthday as a rite of passage. Follow the Zenith of the moon on this night and with your friends stop when you come to a cornfeild we will be waiting in the center. we know who you are. do not mistake this for a prank. You have been warned..........

End Message

I did not know what to think of this, as i was lost in thought. After seeing this, im not sure if it is a prank or not the directions seem Occult enough. As for my friends getting slaughtered by a bunch of devil worshippers i cannot say if that will happen. If i do this i will be scarred forever, and unleash some dark force unimaginable. my curiosity provokes me. why they would ask such a thing to be done is beyond me. i cannot fathom the lunaticy that drives the sender of this message, nor can i trace the IP adress making my claim to the authorities void. If i can even stomach this. Maybe if i show up they will kill me, as they expect me to be with someone. My only choice is to catch these people red handed doing whatever unspeakable acts. If i can, i will attempt to bring a good set of arms i have a few freinds that can more than handel a bunch of wretches in goat masks. I can talk no longer if you read this log know i dont know the consequences of writing this and so please pray that i can stop this from becoming a nightmare of madness and death.  

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