The Moon Children was a cult organization made of mostly young, rebellious teenagers. It was connected to Jadusable and BEN at the end of Arc 1.

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The Cult's CreationEdit

No one knows exactly when the Moon cult was created. The earliest date we have is 1998, when the prophet Kelbris heard the whisperings of Luna.

The Cult's CreatorEdit

The other mystery is who created the cult. In the creed page it is said that there is a mother and father part. The mother is obviously Luna, the moon the cult worships. The father is a bit more of a mystery and has played more of a role in the ARG. Whoever this "Father" is, he had and still has an impact on both the Moon Children cult and the ARG as a whole. References to the Father have been all over the place. There still remains a high suspicion that the Father had a hand in creating the Moon Children cult and is still alive and running the place today.

Moon Children Arc. CharactersEdit


Real name listed as Rodney R. He is one of the mods of the cult's site and goes by the name Matt HUBRIS on his email account. OOC Jad has confirmed that Rodney R. was a fake name that Matt was using to "cover his own ass". The question of why he needed to use a fake name is still unanswered. There is an account on Within Hubris with the name Hubris; it is assumed to be Ifrit's account.


Ifrit's sister. Referenced via video game avatar in Vampire Bloodlines and tagged in the day four.wmv video by Jadusable. Gave allusions to the game's current events. She regrets not being able to save someone. (Due to her established knowledge of future events and her relation to Ifrit, it's likely that she's the one that could have saved Ifrit.) Has an account on the Within Hubris forums.


Went missing after the "blackout." At the end of the first cycle, he returned and played the Song of Time to reset the game. Ifrit referred to him as "their strongest warrior". Has an account on the Within Hubris forums.


Cult member possibly subject to a botched ascension via forced drowning by other members. (It is unknown whether murder is included in proper ritual proceedings.)


Another site mod; real name given as Spencer L. Has an account on the Within Hubris forums.


Another mod. His real name is Christopher. He was said to have sucessfully ascended as of the second day of the first cycle. Has an account on the Within Hubris forums.


Mentioned as "Rem" by Duskworld. Real name is Kevin F. His mod name is Latin for treachery.


A forerunner prophet of the Moon Children cult. Died via electrocution. Has an account on the Within Hubris forums.


Unknown. He is said to be "watching." Mentioned by Duskworld in a post on the Moon Children's website. Many fans believe Mr. D to be the leader/creator of the Moon Cult.Possibly a pseudonym for Drowned.


Unknown who this really is. His avatar had a rollover that would change into the Elegy of Emptiness statue. His account was removed a few hours before the end of the third day of the first cycle. Also the name of one of Jadusable's videos (DROWNED.wmv).


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