Link is the character Jadusable plays as in his BEN DROWNED footage for the game Majora's Mask. Link is the one to suffer from BEN's corruption to the game and experiences a lot of troubles that are out of the norm and range of possibilities in Majora's Mask. 

BEN and Link both share exact traits, only some minor differences when resembling the statue and the character as BEN is based off of Link's physical features. If anything, Link is one of the biggest ways BEN and Jadusable can communicate, though it's mostly just to mess with his head.

Once Jadusable begins to refuse to play Majora's Mask much further, Link becomes a less prominent character when Cleverbot is introduced later in the story. Afterwards, he is not seen after.

To see from the game, please watch videos of the game on Jadusable's channel.

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