Ben drowned by ayatonyaa-d6ek0pa
 BEN died when he was 16, when he talks for he's 17. He had 2 other siblings, Larry & Pi.

BEN lived in Texas and drowned there. He drowned on 4/23/03. He was born in 1986.

He has the ability to talk over the Zelda:Majoras Mask game and Cleverbot.

Some people think BEN's death has to do with his siblings. Well,you're right! Larry and Pi drowned mean him. They gouged out his eyes and cut him up, then hid my....I mean HIS remains.

BEN is a very famous person over the internet and the Zelda series. If anything, he's my favorite.

BEN is still roaming and he is everywhere. If you want to know more,go to:, or, BEN
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DROWNED real story

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