Bubbles float up around him slowly,

As tears float away from his face.

He cries out for help, 

and water enters his lungs.

His chains pull him down.

Down into a place, 

where he will never be found.

His bonds hit the bottom, 

taking him down with them.

His lungs overflow with water,

and his final bubble of air escapes his lungs.

He closes his eyes never to be found.

His unrestful spirit remains.

Haunting those who are alive.

He uses a single game as a connection to their electronics, 

and he invades them slowly stealing away their sanity.

He says to them "you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Perhaps you are the next to lose your sanity.

To lose your grip on this world.

Just remember...

You shouldn't have done that.

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