Ben welcome to HELL
BEN is the main character of the Haunted Majora's Mask story. He is the reoccuring out-of-place statue that stalks Alex's character,Link, in the game. He even has dreams about him at times. BEN is the statue copy of Link you get in Ikana after defeating the Ikana King and his two servants. In the original, non-haunted game, you can summon it with the Elegy of Emptiness. You can also change his appearance wearing the transformation masks given in the game.

BEN can be referenced almost anywhere on Youtube, 4chan, Tumblr, Deviantart, and anything else. It is a world wide story known by many. He is the one who torments Alex and Link. He is also the one who communicates Alex over the game and a website known as Cleverbot, I suggest checking it out and trying to make a conversation. For those of you with an Apple divice, download it. That version seems to stay more focused on the topic you want.

To be more informed, check out the story. It's found here! But be sure to have plenty of spare time if you want to get it done in a day, it's a long story. Also, don't skip the videos or any parts of it because you'll be confused. 

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