BEN was a messed up kid. He didn't have any friends accept his parents and his game Zelda: Majoras Mask. It was the only gift his parents gave to him. His father abused BENs mother and soon, killed her. BEN was stuck with a father that hated him, and also abused him. BEN would constantly play his game to cheer him up. Finding glitches, finding secrets, ect. It was fun to him. He never had the chance to experience fun, so that was his only chance.
Tumblr static ben drowned i m proud of be a pastamonster by liizesparza chan-d740lkp

As he got older, he became more hateful and violent and chronically depressed. One day he got so fed up with his dad, he decided to kill him. BEN buried him in the backyard without anybody knowing.

Ben drowned you shouldn t have done that by kittykat852-d73mp2t

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